Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creative Concotion # 2: Polpettine di Calamari

My friend Ivy of Kopiaste to Greek Hospitality is actually one of the few blogging friends I had the pleasure to meet, when she and her husband came to Rome for a visit last year.
She is a fantastic cook and a very energetic one too, you can see her last creature here.
When I saw her last cooking group idea she got me a little worried because it's a question of NOT following a precise recipe but to create a version of a given one if not a brand new recipe; being very unsecure I always worry to make something wrong but what the heck ... I tried !
Our children love a restaurant near our place called Hosteria Pistoia they make wonderful meals very creatives and more important exquisite ! When we go there Carlo eats everything as if he had never eaten before : it's a real pleasure to see.
One of the things Carlo loves are the polpettine di calamari so I tried to make something similar.


500 gr calamari rinsed and cleaned
Stale bread
Orange Zest
(this is supposed to be a Lenten recipe so no eggs and cheese but I'm sure you could add some pecorino cheese and a couple of eggs)

Pulse the calamari in your mixer, add some water to the bread and when soft add to the calamari with parsley, orange zest salt and pepper.
Shape in small balls and roll in breadcrumbs before frying or cooking in your oven.


Claudia said...

Carlo has good taste. I'd love some, too - even without the eggs and cheese! But our calamari is not as good as yours. It travels too much.

Ivy said...

Natalia thank you so much for participating with this very creative recipe. We love calamari so this is definitely in my list to create next week.

Maria♥ said...

Hi Natalia

Sorry it's been so long since I last visited your blog. Life has just been busy. Hope you are well.

I love calamari and this looks so delish!