Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TWD : Quick Classic Berry Tart

Here is my quick tart even if it took little time ove a few days to prepare !
I finally saw a tart pan few weeks ago in the market near my house and got even if it is 8 rather than the most useful 9 inches but this way we had strawberry tartlets for dinner yesterday too !!
In Rome we find these wonderful strawberries called Favetta di Terracina it is the most delicious kind of strawberry I know : quite small and so sweet my kids never put any sugar on it. When you'll come visit (in this season) I'll buy some for you !! By the way if you come to Rome I'll be so glad to take you around !!
Anyway we loved the tart very much, it is a common kind of tart in Italy with all kinds of fruits and very appreciated.
I made the crust with hazelnuts and the cream with the vanilla pod.
Cristine of Cooking with Cristine is our gracious host this week and how not to be grateful for such a welcomed recipe ?
Please visit Cristine for the recipe and my colleagues TWD bakers for more tarts !