Thursday, April 30, 2009

BBD # 19 Spring Country Breads

The new Bread Baking Day theme is springy and pic-nic inspired. It is hosted by Cinzia of Cindystar a great and expert Italian blogger.
As we were all waiting for strawberries I decided to bake some strawberry muffins and I found a great recipe here , I halved the recipe and that was it .
Thank you Cinzia and happy Spring !

TFF Braised Chicken with Peanuts and Raisins

And here we go with another yummy recipe by our hero !
I followed the hint our dear host Natashya gave us in the last round up and made the recipe in the video she posted.
I didn't have cashews so I used peanuts, watercress is almost impossible to find here so I just sprinkled some basil just to have some green around and I used skinless chicken to reduce the fat a little! But even so the flavours of this chicken are wonderful !
Please visit the blog tomorrow for the new round-up !