Friday, September 17, 2010

Focaccia Pugliese

Few evenings ago I made this focaccia to serve as an appetizer for dinner to two very nice friends 'forgetting' that Salvatore is from Puglia where this focaccia is very very common... but he didn't complain !
In fact I hope you will apologize me for the horrible photo but it went away very fast !

I used sourdough, but I'll give you both versions.

I'm submitting this focaccia to Yeastspotting ! If you do not know Susan and her big work at Wild Yeast you should visit soon !


250 gr flour
250 durum wheat flour (semola rimacinata di grano duro)
(using sourdough I replaced 200 gr of the flours with it and omitted the yeast)
150 boiled potatoes
6 TBS olive oil
one envelope dried yeast or one cube fresh (20 gr)
1 tsp salt
300 ml water
20 cherry tomatoes
olive oil

Wash and halve the tomatoes , season with olive oil, salt and oregano and set aside.
Combine the flours, mashed potatoes, (the sourdough), olive oil, the yeast and the salt and slowly add water until you get a soft and a bit sticky dough. Knead (I used a mixer) around 6 minutes and let it rest until doubled.
Oil a round pan, put the dough in the pan and decorate it with the tomatoes . Drizzle the precious juice you got on top of the focaccia and cook in a hot oven until done.