Friday, January 1, 2010

BBA Slow and Steady :Focaccia

Hi , and happy new year everybody ! I've read in many blogs about commitments for the new year but I'm not so good in keeping them so I almost repeat the same ones over and over and the first one is: not to procrastinate ! This is the last time (???) , at least I hope, I'm so late baking with the Bread Baker's Apprentice's group . We are baking the whole book by Peter Reinhart in alphabetical order and now it was Focaccia's turn, being born in Roma I would call what I ended up with : Pizza Bianca.
Pizza Bianca (obviously as a pose to Pizza Rossa) is a wonderful creation of the romans bakers and most of us brought it to school for midday snack (no peanut butter and jelly around here). In most bakeries you can ask to halve it and fill it : mortadella is the top choice !
Well you might have understood I was glad of the results I got, and the recipe was not hard at all ! You must start the evening before but that's it ! I made it with sourdough but I want to try it even with yeast next time.