Thursday, February 12, 2009

TFF Brick Chicken with Apricot Couscous

This is the first time I partecipate to Tyler Florence Fridays an event hosted by Deb of Kahahai Kitchen, Megan of My Baking Adventures, and Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies.
To collect all the information please visit the Tyler Florence Fridays Blog and soon you'll be able to join !! And please check all the others TFF recipes !!
I still didn't receive the Tyler Florence's book that I ordered but we can choose recipes on line as well so I chose the Brik Chicken with Apricot Couscous .
The recipe was a hit the chicken was deliciously flavored and not dry at all, the sauce was very nice and delicate and the couscous was great as well.

I did a few changes that are:
Apparently in Italy the chickens are cut on the breast so I just (tried) bone it.
It's kind of difficult to find cilantro here so I substituted it with parsley.
I knew I had some dried apricots somewhere but that evening I couldn't find them so I used dates instead.
I didn't realize until it was too late my pan was not oven proof so I turned the chicken and kept on cooking it on the stove for fifteen minutes (but it came out more then OK).

Blogger Aid Ravioli filled with Cherry Tomatoes and Eggplants and Tomatoes Sauce

These are the ravioli waiting to dive.
I'm submitting my original recipe to Blogger Aid for their cookbook.
I'm sorry to be writing so little but I have a lot of work waiting !!!

W.I.P. A Late Entry

I'm making a love bear pillow for Anita' s Valentine but, as you can see, I ' m a bit late !!!!
Please check Shel's WIP section for more craft !!