Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cake Slice : Red Velvet Cake

This time I finally made it ! It was kind of the last minute baking (as usual) so, while preparing our dinner I baked half recipe of this moist, perfumed and delicious cake , put it outside to cool and frosted just in time for dessert ! Now you can understand the homey look , but the cake it's very good.
I have some trouble with American frostings, in Italy we mostly use whipped cream, jam or pastry cream to fill our cakes so I always find frostings too sweet. This 'cooked milk' one was not bad but next time I'll cut the sugar and see what happens.
The Cake Slice group is cooking from this book, if you have the desire for more red, visit the other bakers, and if you want to try it here is the printable recipe !

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