Friday, May 1, 2009

TFF Deep Dish Ham Quiche with Herbs and Asparagus Salad

As you can see yesterday evening we were too eager to start eating the quiche so my photo was not very good, so this morning I tried again even if the asparagus didn't look so fresh anymore !!

Anyway the quiche was very tasty ! I thought you could taste more the onions so maybe next time I will add more. I used 5 eggs (instead of 8) and only two cups of cream (instead of 4) but I assure you it was very rich anyway. I also forgot the egg yolk in the dough ! Please visit the blog for more Tyler's recipes !

Recipes to Rival Coq au Vin

We went French and delicious this time with Recipes to Rival and it was a very pleasant first time for me ! I made this succulent dish for Easter and everybody loved it but I must say that the next day (we call it Pasquetta ''small Easter') It was even better ! I used a skinless and boneless chicken so we could it it safely as cutting it in small pieces left very small and nasty bones around but for the rest I followed the recipe closely.
Thanks Temperance for the great choice !!

SSB Vanilla Cupcakes

This month our hostesses (?) Maria and Rosie chose for us these very nice and tasty cupcakes. They come together in a breeze and I loved their texture .
To decorate them I didn't use a buttercream but a glaze of egg whites and confectioner's sugar ( I hope it's OK !).
Please visit the Sweet and Simple site to check all the other beautiful cupcakes and what waits for us next month !