Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Heart Cooking Clubs : Bites of Bittman Vegetable Pancakes in Italiano a seguire

At I Heart Cooking Clubs there has been a change and now for six months we are going to be inspired by Mark Bittman. As the first theme was bites I thought these pancakes were ideal.
You can see above the vegetables I used I'm not sure about sone of their names... but they were a great contribution to our frittelle !! Please visit and join the Group !!

Oggi con le 'strane' verdure del cassettone e Mark Bittman il nuovo chef che ispirerà il gruppo di I heart cooking clubs ci siamo dati alle frittelle !! Semplicissima la ricetta :

3 tazze circa di verdure miste grattugiate col mixer
100 gr di farina
2 albumi
sale e pepe
e friggere !!!