Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TWD : White Chocolate Brownies

This was our very sweet Dutch friend Marthe's week, she chose this recipe because the sound of it it's fantastic but I'm sure she didn't imagine all the trouble we all went through !
I'm joking no big deal, it's only baking but we all dream of getting near perfection and this time it was harder.

There were several problems: the biggest one was cooking time the others being not trusting the double turn of the meringue, rasperry sinking, too sweet, no chocolate and (mine only) my cat right now sitting exactly in front of the monitor!
My luck was that I'm very pressed for work in these days so I've just finished my brownies/blondies/whity and took advantage of all my fellow friend's advise.

I processed my almonds with the sugar until very fine like Nancy and Mary suggested in the P&Q section of our site.
I did beat the eggs like crazy as Clivia suggested.
I didn't even dream of tilting my brownies like many of us.
I topped them with the meringue after a while that the base was cooking, and used muffin and mini muffin pans like our gracious host Marthe did.
I made half recipe like many others.
I diminished the sugar because I don't like sweets too sweet.

Even with all these issues I really did enjoy these brownies, that do not even take too long to prepare, and have a very fancy face !
Please visit Marthe at Culinary Delights for the recipe.