Friday, August 21, 2009

TFF Chili night

I'm finally back to Tyler's recipes with another success !!
I had two corn cobs around so I found his recipe for a Corn Pudding that sounded very nice, then my brother called saying they were coming to Rome for a few days so I decided for 'the works' and I made his Chili as well.
I must confess right away that other than growing them myself I wouldn't know wher I could find all the wonderful peppers I needed so I just substituted them with italian hot chili but the results were very nice even so.
My brother is a botanist and I always tell my children he knows Everything which is 'almost' true in fact he told us how the power of hot peppers is classified, and how they lately found a super duper hot chili in India ( the guinnes winning chili mesured with the Scoville test ). He wanted to order some seeds for the Botanical Garden of Perugia University where he works but I don't think I'll have the gut to ever try it !!!
Please visit the blog for more wonderful recipe !!

We had dinner at my mother's house and while the grown ups ate the kids destroied the granny's living room !!!