Monday, April 13, 2009

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

In my search for sourdough recipes I'm finding numerous sites rich of great recipes one of them was this nice one for Hot Cross Buns, my son Carlo had learned about them at school so I tried them even if I doubted he would dare to try them !
The buns were a success in taste (not with Carlo !) even if they raised too much and their round look wasn't there at all, but I'll definitely make them again maybe smaller !
I am sending this recipe to Yeast Spotting event created by Susan from Wild Yeast. This week's event will be hosted by ZORRA, visit her to see the round-ups. To join this event is very easy, here is how:
  • Bake with yeast (wild or baker's) or make a dish starring bread.
  • Post about it. Please include a recipe/formula, or a link to one, or some indication of how the bread was made. Also please include the word "YeastSpotting", with a link to this page.
  • Submit your post here. Please submit it during the same week it was posted

Easter is gone !

Here are the great Bag-skets the children made to go egg- hunting.Thanks to the Blond Duck !!

And here is the Hunt in our terrace !!

We even made some coloured eggs !!