Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TWD Berry Surprise Cake

This week I really thought I wouldn't make it ! Anita got sick again and request me at her side all the time so I waited and missed the chance to make the cake for a lunch on Sunday and a dinner on Monday and finally it was five o'clock this afternoon and I went for it !!
The genoise really scared me but I got fine to the egg ribbon....the problems were the flour and the butter puddle !!

I don't own an 8 by 3 springform so I prepared a long strip of parchement paper (luckily I put it between two round layers so it was very easy to pull it out !) and the cake rose just above the metal ring !

Luckily I had an helper to make the box...

..even if she didn't do it for free !

In Italy this cake, called Mimosa, is filled with pinapple pieces and whipped cream, the inner cake is then crumbled and used to decorate so I tried to make a similar decoration (avoiding some cream from my diet !)

I thank Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen who chose the recipe for this week and will post the recipe. To see how the rest of the TWD group coped with this week's recipe, click here .