Friday, October 16, 2009

World Bread Day '09: Sourdough Cornetti

Today is the World Bread Day and I thought to post about these sweet buns shaped like croissants or cornetti as we call them in Rome (brioche in Milan and so on) I don't want to sound as Marie Antoinette though ! I wish in the future having a daily meal will not be a problem for anyone.
In Rome the typical breakfast you get in a Bar (coffe shop) is 'cappuccino e cornetto' the latter being a sweet croissant that obviously has as many versions as the Bars.
I found this great recipe using sourdough in the blog la buona cucina. You shouldn't expect a french style croissant because this recipe is much leaner, but I really liked them plain or with some filling.

I bake an entire batch and freeze the 'leftovers' so that even a monday morning can start with a smile !!

350 sourdough
150 gr milk
100 gr sugar (I doubled it)
1 large egg ( I doubled it)
1 Tbs barley malt
400 to 450 gr flour
50 gr butter (I doubled it)
1/2 tsp salt

I worked all the ingredients together let it rise until doubled, cut the dough in half, rolled each half in a circle, cut eight triangles , rolled them up from the large end ( I filled some with chocolate or jam) let them rise again and baked them in a warm oven (350°) until ready, about 15, 20 minutes. Easy, light and yummy !!!