Monday, June 22, 2009

BBD # 21 Pizza Party

This month's it's Zorra's time to chose a theme and she made us very happy with PIZZA !

Some time ago looking for a sourdough recipe for pizza I found this on the cookaround forum : it's a super succesful recipe coming from Cinzia !

We usually make a variety of toppings : zucchine, tomatoes and anchovies, potatoes....... but if I don't make the favorite one .... I'm in danger !!

Cipolle !!!! (Onions !!)

Sourdough Pizza

280 gr sourdough
450 gr bread flour
250 gr hard durum wheat flour
400 ml water
40 gr extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons salt

Mix everything in the morning and let rise around 5 hours. Shape the pizzas, oil the surface and cover with cling film for around 5 more hours, turn on the oven at the highest setting (I use a baking stone). Meanwhile prepare the toppings. Bake for around 15 minutes. Buon Appetito !!!