Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TWD Arborio Rice Pudding

Dear friends, finally I'm back, thanks to Paolo who helped me so much I'm able to post my puddings... as you can see at home rice pudding is a hit

Actually I couln't check the Q & A so I ended up with too much milk, maybe next time I'll try with the new directions. This pudding gave me the desire to make a pastry I loved when I was a kid : it's a pudding enriched with eggs and encased ( ? ) in a pastry shell. I'll let you know about the results. This week we have to thank Isabelle from Les gourmandises d’Isa check all the other 's puddings on Tuesdays with Dorie

My dearest cat

My dearest cat Calvin died last week. He has been a very special cat for all of us and when the sun gets on my bed I still can't belive he is not there.