Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TWD World Peace Cookies

Oh no ! I canceled that unique picture of the wonderful world peace cookies !! What will I do ? I'll never be able to shoot such a great photo !!! And I'll have to bake my secret frozen log of cookies before I can post so the kids will scold me (mamma but you are always on the computer ! BASTA !) .
But the picture (horrible or better 'the ugliest ever') was still in the camera and everybody is still asleep !! I almost made it !

Now the cookies (not their aspect) were great that salty hint coming from the fleur de sel really did it (even the monsters liked them !!!). Looking at the other's cookies I realized mine sperad while their didn't...why? I'll check when I bake the frozen ones.
Please notice the only beautiful thing in the photo : the cookie carrier given to me by Enza

The World Peace Cookies were chosen by Jess from Cookbook Habit. Thank you Jess and visit the Tuesday with Dorie blogroll