Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BBA Catching up the Slow and Steady Group !

As you might know the BBA group is baking as a train (?) that is gone so far I cannot even see it anymore, so I didn't want to loose my 'Slow and Steady' group even if that meant baking in the worst heat wave we are having this summer !!!

Starting with the Brioche here I chose the Poor man's one

and having enjoied so much the Dorie's version I made with it another fruit tart !!

Then follows the Casatiello which ended up in a colomba mold

But no matter where I put it was really delicious !! I used Prosciutto and Provolone btw

We are still in the enriched section with the Challah

That I just had for breakfast with some orange marmalade !

And last but not in the least the least.... Ciabatta

Which I tried to shape in the two ways suggested in Crust and Crumb

But apart from the shape both came out with smallish HOLES !

And I forgot to mention that all my baking has been done thanks to Calcifer my sourdough starter !!