Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ecco i gatti ! ( & co.)



As stated in my profile I am what in Rome is called a gattara, (usually an old lady feeding cats in the streets) well it's not really true, I've done it, but mostly I picked up many kittens from the street and then kept them with me. Now we have four cats (two black and shy).
Calvin is the patriarch : he is fifteen years old and I found it on top of a garbage mound and he has been a great cat since that day ( he was the best baby sitter for my kids ).
Cagliostro is the youngest of the group he is still two years old and of course very playful ! Not to mention that he loves to sit in front of the pc screen while I write, like now !

Carlo saw this post and said: why is Anita in your blog and not me ? So ...

Anita :

Next question: why is Anita there twice ?........