Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earthquake Again

Dearest Friends
I was reading your nice messages at my computer and here it went again this time is eight o'clock pm and we were waiting to go to dinner ! I'm so scared and I can't imagine how the poor people in Abbruzzo are feeling at their second night out of their homes . Hopefully most of them will have a tent but in that area is still very cold at night and many rescuers are still digging mostly with their hands not to move too much debris.
Tomorrow we are going to send some stuff for children like baby food, milk and water but also toys and blankets.
Thank you again for caring.

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Copiate e diffondete questi numeri, grazie:

Per volontari addestrati: 3270499293.

Per viveri, coperte, medicinale o altro: 800.860.146 oppure 06.68208.

Chiunque avesse una struttura alberghiera in Abruzzo in grado di ospitare: 0854308309.

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Per donazioni:

Raccolta fondi Croce Rossa Italiana:

Conto corrente bancario C/C n. 218020 presso BNL - roma, intestato a CRI, codice Iban IT66 - C010 0503 3820 0000 0218020,
causale: pro terremoto Abruzzo;

Conto corrente postale n. 300004 intestato a CRI
causale: pro terremoto Abruzzo;

Versamenti on line sul sito: http://www.blogger.com/www.cri.it/donazioni.html

informazioni utili da http://www.repubblica.it/


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TWD Banana Cream Tartlets

This week Amy of Sing for your Supper chose the recipe and I'm so glad because this pie didn't have any appeal for me but I realized (and Andrea and our friend who made them vanish in seconds) how wrong I was !!
I made half recipe in tartlet shape using a leftover pie crust that I had frozen , making the cream and the custard was very easy and fast.

Brand New Colomba !

As you can see the last group came out well .
To solve the problem I used a larger mold and that was it !
Thank you for your great support !!