Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TWD : Crunchy and Custardy Peach Tart and a late Oatmeal Breakfast Bread

I should start with many excuses... I've been a real slacker with my blog and not only... but I've contracted a serious illness from Cagliostro !!!

Here in Rome the wheather is so hot that this morning at six o'clock I entered the kitchen and thought I had left the oven on !!!
The worst part are homeworks: in Italy schools start on Sept. 14th and my kids still have tons of homeworks (plus I'm helping two other kids too) I really can't wait for that day !!!
Do American kids have holidays homeworks as well ? How many of them ? Carlo has tons of pages !

Anyway This tart was sublime ! I'm so glad Rachel of sweet tarte chose it in these peach-rich days !!! I served it yesterday evening after dinner and I should have taken pictures of the happy faces after the first bite !!! Please visit Rachel for the recipe and the LYL for more tarts !

Last week I didn't post the wonderful Oatmeal Breakfast Bread chosen by Natalie of Oven Love, But I had baked it and yummily eaten almost all of it : it's a wonderful and simple quick bread. I didn't have applesauce but had some mixed fruit compote I had made when in my veggie box started appearing too many cantalupes so I substituted that and omitted the sugar and has I had a mix of flakes I used them instead of just oat ones. Please take some time and try it you will find the recipe here !