Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Cake Slice : Nectarine Oat Upside - Down Cake

And here we are with the last submission for Vintage Cakes the book that has accompanied  the Cake Slice Group in the last year.
Each of us could choose any cake from the book, and I chose this recipe very well ahead knowing how bad I usually am. It is a simple yet delicious one, I baked it in September when the market was still filled with summer fruits but, as Julie Richardson points out in the introduction to the recipe, it can be made using pears apples or apricots as well.

Please visit all the other member of the Group and if you wish join us for the new book from which we'll be baking from November on ........ shh it's still a secret !

I'm adding the links to the blogs of all my Cake Slice friends, don't add your links !