Thursday, November 19, 2009

BBA Slow and Steady: English Muffins

As I mentioned before when I was 21 I spent a year in the U.S., mostly in Santa Barbara, working as a house, dogs and hen sitter (more or less) for a very wealthy lady who didn't like 'people' too much. I took some classes at the University, some others at the City College and others at the Adult Education but I spent lots of time by myself so I missed many typical 'american' foods but I met and loved bagels and english muffins ! This is why I am already satisfied with my apprenticeship : I finally got to eat them again !!
I 'm happy too because my children loved this muffins too, so now that they are all gone I'll have to bake another batch ! Please go here to know more about this group.
Some of us are slowly and steadily making it too ( Kayte, Nancy, Cathy,Audrey, Jessica, Melissa, Sarah,Di, Karen, Natalia, Tracey, and Leslie) !