Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TWD : Sweet Cream Biscuits

This time it was Melissa of Love at First Bite

who chose this recipe and not knowing exactly how a biscuit should look and reading the P&Q I learned a few things but maybe not enough ! As you can see my biscuits are barely holding together because I was afraid of overdoing it, and I sprinkled them with muscobado sugar as Mary did (she used maple sugar).
Anyway we enjoied them with jam (no butter for me !) and loaded with whipped cream and strawberries !! Please visit Melissa for the recipe and the other bakers for beautiful biscuits !

The Cake Slice : Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting and some Forgotten Posts

Here is the last cake I made for The Cake Slice I'm always in search for banana cakes or breads or wahtever can help with my secret banana's freezer drawer and this was a good one it looks much more festive than my usual breads and it tastes wonderfully moist .
I must confess I didn't use the recipe's chocolate frosting because I really can't get myself to like the butter/confectioner's sugar frosting and tried a milk chocolate ganache from a famous italian pastry chef : Maurizio Santin.

If you wish to try this delicious cake here you can find the original recipe from Southern Cakes Nancie McDermott.
And if you want to try the ganache here is the recipe:

Bring to a boil 200 gr of heavy cream with 20 gr corn syrup. Add 210 gr milk chocolate and mix, add 70 gr butter mixing until smooth.
I let the ganache cool and then filled and frosted the cake.
Please visit the blog for more bananas cakes and please welcome my more than late last two months cakes !!

Pinepple upside down

Mississippi Mud Cake