Saturday, January 23, 2010

BBD # 26 Birthday Party : Focaccia di Recco

This month we get to bake for a big party for Jamie's best than ever Birthday !!!

I was looking for something savory when I thought of focaccia di Recco. It's a very special focaccia made in the town of Recco in Liguria. Usually the paper thin dough is stuffed with a fresh cheese called crescenza (you might know Stracchino or Invernizzina) and baked in a very hot oven until wonderfully crisp. There is even a site dedicated to this focaccia...and I dared to make it !!!!
While browsing the net and you tube I came across the site of a wonderful home baker who moved to the U.S. some years ago from Liguria and loves to share what he learned from his baker's family about bread. Please visit his site: the videos are great !! (click here for the english version but there are less recipes and no focaccia di recco !!)

The dough is really simple:

Mix 200 gr. of water, 50 gr. extravirgin olive oil and 400 gr. bread flour.
Knead it by hand or with you mixer until smooth (it resembles a strudel dough).
Let it rest covered at least 2 hours.
Take 1/4 of the dough and imitate Vittorio
Divide 300 gr stracchino on top.
Cover with another layer of dough.
Tear(!!!!!) some cuts in the dough.
Drizzle some extravirgin olive oil on top and add some cream if you desire.
Bake in the hottest oven until golden.

I know it seems impossible but if I made it I'm sure you can do much better !!