Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TWD: Sablés and a very long Week - End

This week it was Barbara's turn to choose and she chose these cookies that are fast and can easily be decorated for the holidays.
I usually am very optimistic but after this failure I'm afraid I can't bake these kind of cookies without spreading !! (it happened with the world peace cookies and with the molasses ones !)
I made the hazelnuts variation and left a log in the freezer for a quick treat (spread) in the future !
Please visit Barbara for the recipe and the TWDers for more variations.
I'm kind of tired today (for us it is a festive day that remembers the Immaculate Conception of Jesus and the children had a 'bridge' and didn't go to school neither yesterday) because I baked a lot starting from this cake on Friday for a friend's birthday (the recipe is here)

On Sunday it was Anita's sixth birthday so I prepared a lunch with the granparents and made Dorie's Sweet Crust with pastry cream and strawberries.

And yesterday some friends came for a cooking party were they made sandwhiches

and decorated cupcakes

As you can see Anita went for the Carioca Style !!

The cake was a semi disaster because I was baking too many things (in the end I even forgot the brownies on the terrace !) and was too late for it but Anita liked it anyway ! (you can see her body 'fat' as Anita said because it was not dry !!)