Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brand New Colomba !

As you can see the last group came out well .
To solve the problem I used a larger mold and that was it !
Thank you for your great support !!


Miette said...

Dear Natalia,
It's a very nice job, again! It must be very thick and mellow... I love it, it smells always very good in your kitchen !



BICE said...

Natalia è bellissima!!!
Complimenti !!
Deve essere anche buonissima.
Baci Cinzia

linda said...

Wow, look at that crumb!

Lien said...

wow, that just looks absolutely amazingly wonderful, fluffy, delicious and yummy!!!

Laura said...

sembra comprata in un panificio tanto e' bella! Complimenti, sei bravissima!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Well, persistence paid off - it's beautiful this time around. I'm hoping to join the Colomba event, but I think it will be an easier version of the recipe! I don't have a dove mold, though.
Have a Happy Easter.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Wow! Gorgeous crumb!!!
Shopping for a mold.

Elyse said...

Wow, this colomba looks totally fabulous!!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Natalia. I'm amazed at all of the baking that you're doing! Even more colombas?! I think I'll be baking mine next week, and putting them in loaf pans. Luckily the Easter season lasts 50 days! Even if mine will be a little late for tradition...
Let me know how your hot cross buns come out. I saw some recipes using starter, but I'm not that far along in my baking yet!

Cindystar said...

Natalia...chi la dura la vince,vero?
Complimentissimi, questa sarà la regina nella nostra colombaia!