Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TWD : Pecan Powder Puffs

The host of the week is Tianne of Buttercream Barbie she chose these sinful cookies and wil have the recipe here. Please visit all the other bakers .
My dear friends as some of you might know I have a problem with spreading and as you can see me puffs (made with almonds btw) I did it again !
I tried reducing the butter, freezing the dough before shaping and after ..... well anyway even if I'm dieting I tried a tiny crumb and they were heavenly !!!!

You can see the spreading problem but it was not the only problem !

I saved the precious crumbs for a cheese-cake crust what do you think ?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I bet these are addictive!



Tia said...

Yum, yours look fantastic. They are pretty dang addictive, eh?
Thanks for joining me in this week's TWD. Take care!

cindy said...

I often have a spreading problem (not just my hips)! I live at a very high altitude and blame it on that. Sometimes recipes work, sometimes not! But I'm sure even the crumbs were delicious here! Have a great day.

Peggy said...

They look delicious to me. I haven't made these yet but I intend to. I love this type of cookie. I hope you are having a a great week. Is it warm weather there yet?

Nicole said...

These would make a great crust for a cheesecake! They are very addictive so it's tough not to eat too many of these.

Jennifer said...

These will be great either way, as cookies or for a cheesecake crust. Fabulous!

Claudia said...

When I eat crumbs - I don't count those calories. So I'd happily scoop up a bowl filled with those delicious crumbs. If I ate four cookies worth of crumbs (and I would) do I need to count them? So inviting!

Cakelaw said...

Some of mine spread too Natalia - no matter, they all tasted good.