Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Herb Blogging #281 - Red Onions Confit

This weekend it is Min from Honest Vanilla who is hosting the Weekend Herb Blogging #281.
I wished to make a red onion jam and ended up making a confit from Mes Aigre-Dous, Terrines et Patés by Christine Ferber.
To be exact the recipe is called 'Red Onions Confit with Xeres Vinegar' but I do not own the wonderfully perfumed Xeres vinegar so I ended up using a simple apple vinegar.

WHB was created in October 2005 by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, you will find history here. This event has become popular in the years thanks to all bloggers participating with recipes and informative posts about new ways of cooking with herbs or unusual plant ingredients.
Since November 2008 Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once has been managing this weekly event, all recaps here


1 kg red onions (600 gr when ready to cook)
100 gr Red Wine Vinegar
100 gr Xeres Vinegar
50 gr Balsamic Vinegar
200 gr Black Pinot
100 gr Sugar
100 gr Honey
100 gr Blueberries
50 gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50 gr Butter
5 pepper grains crushed
5 salt pinches

Peel and finely cut the onions.
Heat butter and oil in a lidded pot, add onions,salt,pepper and let them slowly braise without coloring for about 20 min.
Add sugar and honey and let swoly boil for about 10 minutes, add the vinegars, wine and blueberries. Let cook uncovered for about 30 minutes until the liquid will be reduced and the onions will be confit. Add the balsamic vinegar, give the last boil, check the seasoning and put in pots. Refrigerate the next day .


Claudia said...

I think I could put this on every sandwich I make for a month... or just slather it on bread... or just spoonfeed myself!

wgfoodie said...

I am a huge fan of confit and this one sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!