Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TWD : Golden Brioche Loaf and Raisin Swirls

I'm enjoying these holidays to bake some recipes I haven't tried from Baking from my home to yours and the ones I really wanted to try are the yeast ones.
As Dorie herself suggests when making the Golden Loaf I used half the dough to prepare the Raisins  Snails, I had some lemon curd I had prepared few days ago so I substituted it for the pastry cream and omitted the cinnamon : these snails are so good I have to find someone to give them to !
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Valerie said...

Happy New Year, Natalia!

I bet the lemon curd was delicious on top of the raisin swirls! Yum!!

Peggy the Baker said...

When I went to hear Dorie talk in Kingston, ON last year, somebody asked how she stayed so slim. She said she practiced "bake and release". She'd ring the bell for elevator in her building and when the door opened, she'd hand somebody cookies, or bread, or tarts. Maybe that would work for you! Your breads look irresistible!