Thursday, October 15, 2009

Presents and a Tarte

Lately I've been very lucky ! I won the blogoversary Marthe announced on her blog some time ago.
The wonderful Marthe had another nice idea : a gift exchange , and this is how I got this great package all the way from Utah !It was sent by Melinda and it's a wonderful salt coming from a prehistoric ocean ! The salt is so good I have to hide it from my kids: they keep eating it !!

Opening all the little packets Marthe patiently made was a real pleasure also because they contained Marthe's favorites treats that became ours in seconds !!

This is what I was making while they were nibbling : A wild berries lemon tart


Michelle said...

It's so much fun to get special gifts in the mail.

Your tart looks scrumptious! Love the way you decorated it!

Jennifer said...

Gifts in the doesn't get much better than that:)

Your kids are so cute!!!

That tart looks divine!!!!

BICE said...

Veramente bella,
Sarà sicuramente buonissima..
e io lo so......

enza said...

no vabbè si chiama...non lo dico ma lo penso
evvivaaaa ma ci dici delle altre cose?

The Blonde Duck said...

That is the prettiest tart ever!

lilmizlynn said...

Congrats Natalia and your tart looks so delicious!!! YUMMY!!!!

Min said...

So glad you like the salt! Funny that you have to hide it from the kids, but it really is good. I will email you back after the party this weekend.

Beautiful tart!

The Bad Girl's Kitchen

vibi said...

You lucky woman! I'm not sure which is best... getting such a complete package... or suceeding that amazing tart! WOW!

Shandy said...

Oh, how fun for the little ones! The gift exchange is such a fun idea and your children must love the new salt if you have to hide it =).

Your tart looks scrumptious! Very pretty

pinkstripes said...

How fun! Gift exchanges are great. The Tart looks fantastic.

Nancy/n.o.e said...

How fun: gifts from far away. I love that tart - no recipe?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love getting such gifts. A very pretty tart!