Monday, September 28, 2009

BBA Slow and Steady: Cornbread

I apologize for being particularly Slow this time !! We baked the Cornbread and I really have no clue about the whole point here ! I'm not aware of how cornbread usually tastes in the North or in the South so I'll judge it simply on my taste : I liked it even if I wouldn't know what to pair it with( mostly I ate it plain for breakfast). How do you usually eat it ? is it traditionally baked for Thanks Giving ?
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Leslie said...

Ciao, Natalia! The thing with cornbread in the US has to do with if you're from the North (where they make it with sugar) or the South (where it isn't made with sugar). It's served a lot with soup or chili, or as a side to fried chicken. I think the sweet cornbread is served more like a muffin.

In any event, yours looks fantastic! Eating it for breakfast is a great idea.

BICE said...

Bello, mai sentito!
Molto interessante!
Un bacione.

The Blonde Duck said...

We eat cornbread with soup, Mexican food, fried chicken...usually spicy or SW type of food!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I guess cornbread isn't big in Italy (or Europe)? You usually use it as a side to soup or chilli.

Your cornbread looks wonderful! I'm glad you liked it.

Nancy/n.o.e said...

I think dinner rolls are more common at Thanksgiving than cornbread, but here in the South the dressing for the turkey is often cornbread dressing rather than based on regular bread. In that case, you would not sweeten the cornbread. Cornbread for breakfast is a fine idea; you can warm it and drizzle with honey. That's how I first learned to eat it (I'm from the North of the US originally)