Saturday, August 29, 2009

BBD # 23 Something You’ve Never Made Before : Focaccia Genovese

This month it was Ima group who took charge of the BBD, created by Zorra, and they chose a very free theme : "Something you've never made before", now, I'm sure every one of you has a whole bunch of never tried recipes, I didn't know where to start from when I saw this post by a very nice roman girl, Antonella, and that was it !! I don't know if you know who the Simili sisters are but they are quite famous here in Italy as you saw in the video they teach bread and pasta making all over the country. Their parents had a bakery in Bologna and they often bake using sourdough.

Focaccia Genovese with Sourdough

500 gr bread flour
300 gr sourdough
260 gr water
12 gr salt
2 TBS extra virgin olive oil

3 TBS water
3 TBS extra virgin olive oil

Mix the sourdough with water, add the other ingredients and mix well.
Trasfer on a work surface and shape in a log oil it and put it in an oven pan mesuring 30 x 40 cm and let it rest for around 20/30 minutes and after that flatten it to cover the whole pan, cover and let raise for about an hour and a half. With the tips of your fingers dimple (?) the whole surface of the focaccia (so deep you can feel the pan) and sprinkle with water, oil and salt. Let it double or more (about 3 hours).

Bake in an hot oven at 200° Celsius for 25 to 30 minutes.

Grazie Antonella !!


BICE said...

Ciao Natalia è bellissima!
Se anche domattina fa fresco in settimana riprendo a fare il pane.

Kitchenlander said...

Why, why, why did I throw away my sourdough when I had it?
Now I'm trying to start it again, but it keeps drying or molding!

Quella focaccia mi fa una gola!!

Jennifer said...

WOW! That foccacia is BEAUTIFUL, Natalia!!!!

Elra said...

WOW, that look really amazing. I never tried this before.

Anonymous said...

Great looking focaccia. Love it!

Joanne said...

When I visited Italy when I was eight, the only thing that I wanted to eat was the focaccia. It is just so good and you cannot get anything that compares here! This looks incredibly delicious.

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

hey there my first time here n already have aquestion...can i make sour dough at home...I mean what is sour dough it overtly fermentend??? !!! m at a loss...look forward to hearing from u.

thanks in advance :)

enza said...

fighissima. anche se le gemelle mi stanno leggemente sugli zebedei

Antonella said...

Grazie a te Natalia, ti è venuta benissimo ;))

Sara said...

That focaccia looks just perfect, there is nothing much better than fresh focaccia. It always has such lovely flavor, I will have to try it with sourdough one of these days. Thanks for joining us for this month's BBD!



molto bella questa focacci a, m'inviti a farla !!!