Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Panini di BICE

I think you all now the magic blogging may do : sometimes you 'meet' someone and he/she becomes one of your friends even if you never met. The first time it was the great Enza who helped me open the blog (I don't know if I would have done it without her precious help). And some time ago I met Cinzia who is teaching me a lot about bread (pretending she doesn't know much).
These are the breads she made for the last Bread Baking Day, they were so tempting (and use lots of sourdough which I just can't trow away !!!) I had to try them !!
They are not very sweet and super soft: a great snack !


Rosie said...

Isn't the Blogosphere a wonderful place with so many lovely friends once makes through this! The bread looks wonderful!!

Best wishes Rosie x

Elra said...

You are absolutely right about food blogger. These people are so nice and so supportive to each other. I am happy too, to be part of this community.

Ah, I love bread, and I shall go to visit her blog and borrow her recipe. Thanks for directing me to her blog.

The Blonde Duck said...

They look fabulous! Don't you just love all the wonderful people on blogs?

Lucy said...

Ciao Natalia.... Wonderful, this looks so good... and anything w/sourdough is a winner for me!!

And... you're so right about the friendships we have developed in the foodie blogoshere where I've met some wonderful people! And I must also say that I do appreciate your offer to help me w/communicating with my relatives, soon I will get something off to you.. baci ;-)

Anonymous said...

YUM! They look delicious.

Anonymous said...

This looks so delicious!

BICE said...

Natalia carissima,
grazie dei complimenti immeritati.
Ho così tanto ancora da conoscere sul pane!!!
Sono felice che questa congiuntura mi abbia permesso di conoscerti,
perchè ho trovato in te una persona solare, piena di vita, di interessi, e con un grandissimo cuore.

Anonymous said...