Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first prize

Ten days ago, just before my computer broke, Peggy from Pantry Revisited awarded me with my first award ever . I was shocked because I certainly don't think my blog earns it, but I took it as a commitment to grow (and right away my coworker broke !). I would like to thank Peggy very much for thinking of me and all of you that not only read my blog but even read my akward english ! GRAZIE !


The Blonde Duck said...

Your English isn't bad.

I just write a lot of short stories/ mini novels and do children's and women's literature. I just basically sit down and write and I've been lucky enough to have folks like it. :) Apparantly NY publishing thought differently.

Anonymous said...

Your English is great! And way better than my Italian!
Congrats on the award - you totally deserve it!

Peggy said...

Ciao! You do deserve it! You have been an inspiration to me on many occasions! You should come over and join CEIMB. It is small and really good food that is healthier. You need to try that fried chicken. VERY good! And your english is really good too!

Marthe said...

Congratulations on your award!! Isn't it great to receive one? I have received my first one a couple of weeks ago and was so happy with it!!

And your english is perfect!

Lucy said...

Cara Natalia,

Congratulations on your award!!! Your english is just fine and your blog is just lovely ;-)

Lien said...

COngratulations! You're english is very good!! No worries! Love your blog.